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January 31
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Nepeta and Equius were each in their respective respiteblocks. Nepeta was curled up on her stone floor with her tablet while Equius was sitting at his computer desk/work bench. Nepeta had been doing a lot of online RPing with an awesome human girl she'd met via Terezi while they were both on one of the more popular role playing websites. This human girl was so much fun to chat with that she and Nepeta soon became fast friends. Then they both started video chatting with each other, and then met in person for tea one day. It was great. And the more Nepeta got to know (____) the more she liked her and then when Nepeta started talking about Equius (____) didn't say anything mean about him.

Nepeta was surprised, most people she chatted with about her odd meowrail thought he sounded creepy. But (____) didn't. Nepeta mentioned he loved horses and (____) said she liked them too, she even mentioned a human cartoon she and her niece watched called My Little Pony. And she said that she rode them around a lot when she was younger. Nepeta's shipping senses were starting to tingle and she wondered if this human girl and Equius would make a good match.... The felinesque troll got her answer later that day when she accidentally let slip that Equius tended to sweat a lot. But (____) just brushed this information off and said that she was used to sweaty guys. Her father was a hard working man and always came home from work sweaty. And that never stopped (____) from running and giving her father a big hug. Plus her brother liked to work out a lot and tended to try and gross (____) out by giving her sweaty hugs. She'd just poke him in this ribs until he left her alone. So sweat didn't bother (____) in the slightest~ Nepeta was beside herself with giddy feelings and decided to set (____) up with her beloved meowrail.

arsenicCatnip [AC] started pestering centaursTesticle [CT] at 4:35 pm

AC: :33 < okay equius! i've set mew up on a blind date with my furriend!
AC: :33 < she's really sw33t and she doesn't judge people like others i can name~ *cougharadiacough*
CT: D --> Nepeta, I do not understand why you set me up on these dates
AC: :33 < equius, mew're the sw33test guy i know! mew deserve a girl who is flushed for mew as much as mew are for her!
AC: :33 < i know mew liked aradia but...she wasn't right for mew equius.
CT: D --> I understand your wishes for my red quadrant, but is this really necessary?
CT: D --> And I know. I remember how everything spiraled downward with her...
CT: D --> Quite sad, frankly. But one must always move on in this life.

Equius remembered quite clearly how things had gone sour between him and Aradia. He looked back and cringed whenever he recalled their...'romance'. He felt so ashamed of how he had behaved. He realized now that you cannot program flushed feelings into someone. ...Well you CAN. But it's not right.

AC: :33 < *nepeta frowned and leaped forward to hug her wonderful meowrail*
CT: D --> This does not mean that I do not appreciate your support, Nepeta.
AC: :33 < just give her a chance equius! please~? furr me?

In his respiteblock Equius felt a small from tug at his lips before he sighed heavily. But he could not refuse his moirail so he quickly typed,

CT: D --> Alright, fine. For you, Nepeta. I shall try not to mess this up, like the others.
AC: :33 < *the furrocious feline was so happy her meowrail would try for her*
AC: :33 < thanks equius~
AC: :33 < mew'll like her, i promise!
AC: :33 < she likes horses too! she told me she rode them a lot when she was little~
CT: D --> You're welcome, Nepeta. Now, what shall I wear for this... Er... "Blind Date" as you call them?

Equius tensed a little when he read the word horses. Anything related to the hoof beast got him excited.

CT: D --> She appreciates the magnificent hoof beast as well?
AC: :33 < *the feline purred and looked at her meowrails clothes*
AC: :33 < maybe wear something with sl33ves for once~ hehe~
CT: D --> I'll consider it.
AC: :33 < now my furriend asked me to ask mew what place mew'd like to m33t at for mewr date~!
CT: D --> Hmm... I am not completely sure.

The blue blood began going through the list of restaurants he'd been to in his head. "Hmm..."

AC: :33 < she said somewhere fancy might make things too stressful for a first date. so she said casual is fine~
CT: D --> I see...

He crossed off at least half of the restaurants in his head. He brought his lips together in a firm, tight line. This was beginning to be harder than he'd first suspected.

AC: :33 < why don't mew take her to that place jade is always gushing about?
AC: :33 < olive garden! sounds good to me!
CT: D --> Hmm... I suppose that cou1d be a highly considerable option.
CT: D --> Yes, I believe we could go there.

The male troll smiled inwardly, "Perfect." Nepeta smiled before she squeaked in surprise. Her tablet chimed to let her know she had another message from another friend. She pulled open the trollian home page and read it. It was from (____), she was saying she was excited to go on this date. Apparently it has been a while since she'd been in the dating scene. Nepeta messaged her back before going back to talking to Equius.

AC: :33 < oh equius! (____) said she's excited to m33t mew.
CT: D --> I suppose I could say the same.
CT: D --> So what does this young woman look like?
AC: :33 < mew have to wait to m33t her in person!
CT: D --> Very well Nepeta. But what shall I wear for tonight? I'm looking in my wardrobe and can't find anything suitable.

Equius looked through everything in his rather modest wardrobe and was slightly embarrassed to see 97% of said wardrobe was his black wife beaters, grey shorts, black striped stockings, and dark grey cleats. Everything else was winter wear that he'd accumulated during his time here on Earth. Mostly heavy coats, mittens, thick pants, snow boots, etc.

AC: :33 < n33d any help equius? maybe i can call kanaya~!
CT: D --> Any help is appreciated.
AC: :33 < okay, just a meowment purrlease~!

The felinesque troll started pestering Kanaya, and luckily the jade blood was online. Nepeta told Kanaya the details of how she set Equius up on a date with her really sweet friend (____). Kanaya was surprised that Equius would agree to date a human. Considering they were so low on the hemospectrum that they were off of it, you'd think Equius would be vehemently against dating the lowest of the lowbloods. Though Kanaya had begun to notice that since coming to Earth, Equius was beginning to not care so much about the hemospectrum. He still held himself like a highblood. All proper and stuffy. But now he wasn't afraid or disgusted with socializing with those lower on the hemospectrum than himself. Kanaya was amazed with how much he'd changed since they were all younger.

Though to be fair, she supposed he just grew up. He, like everyone else, grew out of their supposed social class and learned to be happy. Or as happy as one can be on a strange new planet. But the jade blood pushed those thoughts from her think pan and requested they all enter a three way video chat so they could all talk. Kanaya knew Nepeta would want to hear what they had to say and plain type just wouldn't work right now. Once the video feed started Kanaya gave Equius a polite smile before asking, "Greetings Equius, you require my assistance on a matter of fashion?"

"Yes Kanaya. I have a date tonight. And I do not know what to wear." He pulled out a long-sleeved black shirt. It was honestly kind of plain, but what could he do? He didn't know much about fashion. But for once Kanaya wasn't focused on the atrocity that was his shirt and instead said, "Oh you're actually going on a date with Nepeta's human friend?" Equius scowled at her genuine shock but his blue blush was evident. But before he could actually get angry Kanaya switched subjects and said, "Well regardless, I shall have something suitable for you within the hour. Will the date be formal or casual?" Equius didn't even pause before he answered, "Casual, however I wish to look nice for the occasion."

"Upscale casual it is. And don't worry Equius, I'll have your outfit done soon. I'm sure you'll look very handsome for (____)~ Good day~" She hung up on her end seconds later. Equius however didn't seem to mind. He just said, "Many thanks to you Kanaya." Though he thought he should thank her when she got here. Meanwhile Nepeta just smiled and bounced around excitedly. The blue blood smiled inwardly at her excited actions. "You are clearly pleased with this upcoming event. Putting a lot of hope into this one, I can assume?" he asked. Nepeta nodded giddily and replied, "Oh I bet mew're excited Equius! I'll message (____) and tell her to meet mew at Olive Garden in a couple hours!" Equius made a sound of agreement and said, "Sounds like a plan."


(____) IM'd Nepeta and agreed to the blind date. She wasn't really one for blind dates but Nepeta convinced her to go. She said Equius was quite a gentleman-er...gentletroll~

She arrived at the restaurant before her blind date and told the hostess that she was expecting another for her party. She gave the hostess the description that Nepeta had given her and the perky hostess said she'd direct him to her when he arrived. About five minutes later, Equius had walked in. His outfit made him look rather good actually. Kind of snazzy, if anything. The blue blood made a mental note to repay Kanaya later. The perky waitress greeted Equius as soon as she spotted him, guiding him to his date's table before leaving. Equius bowed a little to his date, placing his left hand upon his right shoulder, "I am Equius Zahhak, Miss. I believe I shall be your date for the evening." He smiled a little, standing still so she could get a good look at him.

(____) smiled at him and took in his appearance. He wore dark grey jeans, a tight fitting black t-shirt with a blue sagittarius symbol on the front, a dark blue button up shirt over that, and a black leather jacket draped across his arm. He must have taken the jacket off before he came in. How very gentletrollish of him. And oddly enough he was wearing a pair of black cleats. His long black hair was as straight as straight could get and was loosely tied back in a low ponytail. And he also had a pair of cracked, square framed sunglasses tucked into his t-shirt collar. All in all he was very handsome~

And while she was assessing him, he was returning the favor. He took in her nicely curved form, noting her very lovely horse shirt. It took all his willpower to not sweat at the sight of that. Freaking. Shirt. 'Twas so majestic... Agh! He's getting side-tracked here! Once he refocused he also made note of the lovely gray scarf that hung low enough to cover her..ahem..cleavage, as well as the nicely matching white skinny jeans. Well, that's what he assumed they were called anyways. Her black, buckled heels also complimented her outfit. He had to say she did paint a rather fetching picture. (____) shot the handsome troll a coquettish smile and introduced herself, "Hello~! You must be Equius~! It's lovely to meet you. Nepeta had nothing but wonderful things to say about you. I'm (____) (_____)~ I guess I'm your date~" Equius gulped and gave her a smile. "It appears so," He walked over to her, taking her hand as gently as he could, and brought it to his lips, kissing it delicately.

"And it is a true pleasure to meet you as well, Miss (____)." He released her hand, now moving to sit down, his blackish-blue eyes settling upon her. "I must say, you look rather... lovely, this evening." He smiled a little at her and (____) giggled a bit and replied, "Wow, you really are cute~ Nepeta wasn't kidding~"

He blushed a little, "Thank you. I suppose I'll thank her later." The human chuckled but soon their waiter arrived and they ordered their meal before the waiter left again. They chatted about this and that while waiting for the food to arrive. "Yeah, I used to ride horses all the time when I was little. I haven't had much time as of late because I've been so busy, but maybe I'll go riding soon~ What about you?"

"Err...!" It took so much effort not to sweat, but he managed not to, though he did look visibly tense. "I suppose I ride hoofbeasts- er -'horses' when I get the rare ch-chance..." (____) seemed excited and said, "Really? Would you like to go riding with me? My cousin on my father's side of my family raises Clydesdales. They're the biggest 'hoofbeasts' Earth has to offer. And between you and I, he's got a few of the lovely creatures that are tame enough to ride~!"

He tensed a bit more, "O-of course, Miss (____). I w-would be honored to go hoof- er horse back riding with you." He smiled a bit strangely, blushing the faintest bit. (____) thought his nervousness was cute but sensed his nerves were getting the better of him and decided to change the subject. "So what about you? What do you like to do? Any hobbies?" Equius seemed to be thinking it over and replied, "Well, I do like to build things, if that counts as a hobby. I tend to build both my body, and mechanical beings. I once built a fully functional body for a... 'friend', to save her life, actually."

(____) was shocked and it showed. "Oh my god! That's amazing! You built a mechanical body, that's so cool~ And you saved your friends life! That was so sweet of you Equius~ I bet she was grateful~" Equius refrained from shrugging his shoulders. "I suppose that in the end, she was grateful...but even to this day, I am unsure of this." He looked down a little, although he forced himself not to feel anything for Aradia. That would not work for him tonight, not while he was on this date with (____). Plus, all romantic feelings he'd once harbored for Aradia were gone. Only to be replaced with shame and regret.

"Well...she got to live right? If someone saved my life I know I would be grateful until my dying breath~" Equius looked up at the lovely human girl and he felt himself smile. "Yes, I suppose. She seems to give me... rather odd mixed emotions, to be frank. I won't say exactly why, but let's just leave it at mixed emotions, no?" (____) gave a slight nod and quirked her lips in a relaxed smile. "Yeah, that topic seems like it would be best left for another day. ...Well then, have you built robots for any other reasons? Like, just for fun?"

Equius tilted his head as he thought about the multitude of robots he'd built and battled with. "I suppose you could put it like that. I built robots to spar with so I usually end up destroying some of them when I become rather... angry." He chuckled a little, "But yes, I suppose 'fun' could be a proper definition." (____) grinned but before she could reply the waiter brought out their food. Once the food was on the table the waiter turned to (____) and basically ignored Equius and asked, "Is that going to be all for now? Is there anything else I can get you miss?" His tone of voice made Equius bristle. The blue blood scowled at the human waiter and hissed, "I would highly recommend that you not talk to my date in that tone of voice, sir." He put some venom into the 'sir' at the end of his sentence. His brows furrowed together in anger. This guy had better back off; (____) was Equius' date, not this foolish waiter's.

(____) and the hapless waiter watched in shock as Equius literally crumpled up his salad fork like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. (____) bit her lip to hold off her pleased smile and said to the stock still waiter, "Uhh yes I think this will be all for now thanks~" The waiter nodded dumbly before he started slowly backing away in fear. He bumped into a group's table before turning and apologizing to them then running back to the kitchen to presumably hide.

(____) giggled and said, "Well you scared him witless. Nice~" Equius ripped his angry glare from the waiter once he was gone from his line of sight. He smiled faintly at his human date, a sense of great triumph washing over him. "Indeed I did." He then looked down at the crumpled fork in his hand. "I believe I'll have to pay for the damage done to the silverware." There really isn't any excuse for the now crumpled fork. But (____) smiled and grabbed the fork from his hand, sending bolts of electricity up the blue bloods spine when their skin toughed. She tossed the crumpled fork into the nearby fake plant. "What crumpled fork? heehee~"

He smirked a little, then frowned, dropping his voice down to a whisper, "Is that not dishonest?" Then added, "Oh well, I suppose it could not have been helped..." He chuckled a little, "How about we just eat, no?" (____) giggled and said, "It's not dishonest. We're not stealing the fork. It's not leaving the restaurant. We're just playing a game of Hide the Fork~" The coy human grinned wickedly and picked up her entre fork and dug into her lasagna. Equius chuckled a little, "I suppose so." He continued to dig into his meatless pasta. (____) swallowed her last bite and wiped her mouth before she asked, "Hey Equius~? I know we were only going to go out for dinner you maybe wanna do something else after this? Like go see a movie or something?" Equius saw her face turn a lovely pink as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass in a shy manner that he found rather cute.

He finished his last bite of pasta, and wiped his mouth as well. The troll was a little stunned. He never expected the question, but nonetheless nodded, "Of course, Miss (____). A movie sounds like a rather amusing way to end the night."

The woman blushed but gave him a sweet smile. She nodded her head and sipped her water before a new waitress came up to the table. She looked a little nervous but smiled and asked, "Do either of you want dessert tonight?" (____) thought it over and wondered if Equius wanted anything. The aforementioned blue blood took a moment to look over the dessert menu and decided, "This 'Chocolate Ricotta Pie' looks tantalizing enough. I suppose I shall get that for the dessert. Do you desire anything, Miss (____)?"

Said woman hummed in thought before answering. "Uh yeah, I'll have the Tiramisu please~" The waitress nodded before clearing the plates away and taking the menus. Then she said, "I'll be right back with your orders." And then she was off, leaving the two alone again.

The shy troll smiled a little, "Pray tell, might I ask what else you might do in your spare time?"

"Well I read and write a lot, and sometimes doodle a bit. That's even my strife specibi~ (__) Kind~" (____) leaned back in her seat and loosened her scarf a bit so her smoothe throat was now visible. Equius eyed her neck once, and only once, imagining himself kissing it later into the night. 'N-NO! No, b100b100ds do not let such 100d thoughts drift into their thinkpans!' He gulped a little as he mentally scolded himself for such thoughts, "Those are rather fine interests. A good way to distract oneself, when needed."

(____) smiled and said, "Thank you, I also like music~ I have a broad spectrum in regards to music, I like a little bit of everything~ Do you like art or music?" The troll quirked his lips in a parody of a smile. "I tend to write poetry every now and then... Although I prefer to keep it to myself, for reason that I shall not... er... state." He frowned a little at this, but (____) just said, "Oh~? Because they're personal, like they show your soul? Or because they make you seem weird? I have pictures I've painted that nobody has seen. And a few short stories,...but I'm afraid if they see them they'll think I'm a weirdo~" The young woman laughed but Equius knew she was serious. She had that serious undertone in her voice.

"Err, I will leave it at the latter." He frowned a bit deeper, feeling almost ashamed of his, er, rather... 'unique' sense of poetry. Finally, the waitress came back with the desserts, setting them neatly on the table, setting the bill at the center of the gap between their hands, "Enjoy!" She chirpped happily, walking off to wait some other tables. (____) smiled at Equius before she picked up her dessert fork and took a bite of her tiramisu. She gave a breathy moan from the amazing taste and said, "Oh my goodness~ This is delicious~"

Equius began taking a few bites of his Ricotta, "I believe this is... a rather delectable dish as well." He tried to make a good impression on her, but he felt like he wasn't a very good job. The two finished their dessert but then they both reached for the bill at the same time. Equius frowned but so did (____). "It's okay Equius~ I can get this one." The troll pursed his lips and replied, "No, it is highly ungentlemanly for me not to pay. Let me cover this; we are on a date, after all." (____) bit her lip but finally released the check and said, "Fine~ You can get this one. But I'm paying for the snacks at the theater!" She grinned and giggled a bit.

He chuckled a little at her cuteness and said, "Of course." He pulled out the needed cash and slipped it into the little black 'booklet'. He sat it back on the table and waited for the waitress to come back, and sighed a bit in a calm fashion. This was turning out to be a rather nice night, so far. He'd expected the worst but so far nothing bad had happened. Which was unusual for him. His dates were usually very awkward, which he presumed to be his own fault.

The waitress finally came back and took the money and told them to have a nice day. Then they walked out of the restaurant and into the cool evening air. The movie theater was only a block or so away so they decided to forgo calling a taxi and just hoof it there. Suddenly a car nearby started playing Barracuda by Heart. (____) loved this song and stopped to listen. Equius chuckled at the music. He knew this song well enough. He breathed in the pleasantly cool night air. Tonight was a nice night. A nice night, indeed. Perhaps nothing could go wrong... Or maybe nothing would...

Equius halted when he heard (____) yelp before a thumping sound echoed in the semi empty street.  Equius whipped around to face her but stopped when he saw her standing, holding onto one strap of her purse while some strange male was partially sprawled on the sidewalk, holding onto the other strap. The two were just staring at each other, seemingly frozen but then (____) growled and lunged forward. She sucker punched the guy hard in the face and he dropped her purse. But she didn't stop there. She grabbed him by the front of his shirt and started hitting him over and over again. She looked furious, her hair looked wild and her knees were bent so she could better reach the male's face.

"Hm?!" He took in the sight before him, utterly startled at the STRENGTH of which (____) used on her perpetrator. He gulped, beginning to perspire a bit. "O-oh my..." He whispered to himself, more sweat seeping out of his pores. Good thing he brought a towelette with him. Swiftly, he wiped down his face and neck, tucking the little item away in his leather jacket pocket. Once the guy was sufficiently knocked out cold (____) stood up with a huff and patted down her now fluffy hair. She brushed her purse free of dirt and cleared her throat sheepishly. "Sorry about that Equius~ I don't know what came over me. I really mad when he tried to snatch my purse..." She blushed and looked away from the blue blood. He probably thought she wasn't very 'lady like'. Her sister always said she had quite the temper.

Equius just stared at the unconscious form on the ground, his mouth slightly agape in awe of what just happened. Then an odd little smile slipped across his grey face. "Oh it's perfectly alright, Miss (____). This... makes me have a new kind of respect towards you..." He perspired a little more but ignored it and held out his arm for her to take. "I don't blame you. He was a filthy, gutterblooded thief."

(____) almost sighed in relief at his blatant acceptance of her violent actions. But she let a small smile take over her face when he held his arm out for her to take. She saw him sweat but didn't mention it. Nepeta mentioned he tended to sweat a lot but her brother sweats a lot too. And he was always being a jerk and hugging her when he was sweaty. So she was used to it at this point. So she hooked her arm in his and they stepped over the unconscious man before continuing their walk to the movie theater like nothing even happened.

Equius browsed some of the movies on the overhead preview screen. "Which movie would you like to see, Miss (____)? I am afraid I cannot find an... err... favorable choice..." He smiled a little nervously, gulping a bit. He didn't go to the movies much. The only movies he really saw were the ones Nepeta made him sit and watch with her so they could 'bond' as moirails. And even then, those were basically all cartoons or children's movies.

(____) made a humming noise as she tapped her chin. "I can't decide. It's a tie between Coraline or Cabin in the Woods. They both look good. Though I'll be honest, I've seen them both~" Equius raised an eyebrow at her vastly different choices. A cartoonish comedy or a real life horror~ "Hmm.... Perhaps Cabin in the Woods shall suffice for you?" Maybe he could get a bit lucky with her fright- NO. He shouldn't be thinking like that! B100b100ds do NOT take advantage of fear... Unless they are crude b100b100ds, but that is something Equius is far from being. He was a gentleman, after all.

(____) smiled and before Equius could stop her she rushed forward and bought the two movie tickets. She stuck her tongue out at him and he caught a glimpse of silver from her tongue piercing. "I've paid for this one~" He made note of her tongue piercing, having watched her rush to the counter and quickly pay for the movie. He didn't even have time to protest. Well, might as well go in with her. He held out his arm again for her to take, smiling a little. "Come on, lets get some snacks to munch on while we watch the movie." She led him to the snack bar and got in line. They were chatting about nonsensical things and then got their food. They got to their theater room just in time to find a seat before the previews ended and the movie started.

He silently moved with her, letting her guide him about. He held on to the popcorn as delicately as he could manage, setting it in his lap when the two sat down for the movie. It began with a very casual, almost cliché setting, a small group of friends going to stay the weekend at a cabin up in the woods that belonged to a friend's family. Soon, the kids start acting strange thanks to some toxins, and then the cellar door flies open and the kids stupidly go down. They each pick up a strange item from the creepy cellar and start fiddling with them. But then one girl triggers evil redneck masochist/sadist zombies to rise from the grave. After that the movie gets pretty standard. One by one the kids get picked off until only the redheaded girl is left. But just before she gets killed the (presumed to be) dead stoner saves her.

Then the stoner kid explains to the frazzled girl that the freaky zombies didn't rise from the grave. They were sent up via underground elevator. To avoid being killed by the remaining redneck zombies the stoner rewires the elevator and they escape down it. But what they thought to be an elevator turned out to be an unbreakable glass cage. Then it starts moving again and the two teens watch as each stop shows them terrifying monsters. A werewolf, a wraith, the Sugarplum Fairy, and Fornicus the Lord of Bondage and Pain. Each monster more horrifying than the last. Hundreds of them, all waiting to be released so they may kill again.

(____) munched on her popcorn while she watched the gore-fest but chanced a looked down to see her and Equius' hands were almost touching. Equius noticed too but said nothing. Though he deflated a bit when his date moved her hand away from his. But he was shocked when he heard her yawn and then felt her drape her arm around his shoulders. He blushed and (____) smiled. "M-Miss (____)? Are you perhaps enjoying the movie?" He whispered softly, as another terrifying monster popped up on the screen, meanwhile the two teens were trying to escape from the monsters that had been let loose, only to find that they were surrounded on all sides. Though they quickly escaped through a hole in the wall created by a humongous Dragon Bat. Equius munched on his popcorn as best he could without crushing it in his STRONG grip.

(____) grinned and leaned over and said dangerously close to the blue bloods ear, "I love it~" Equius gulped and accidentally crushed the popcorn in his hand. Luckily his hand was still over the bag of popcorn so it just fell back in without getting everywhere. The troll perspired at the sudden close proximity of the woman next to him, her hot breath tickling his ear. The movie finally drew to a close, the two teens having ruined the human sacrifice so everyone ending up dying after the gods of old awoke. The lights of the theater gently lit up the room, growing slowly in brightness as various people and trolls got up to leave.

Equius looked over once the room was bright enough and saw that he and (____) were face to face. Practically nose to nose. The human girl just giggled at Equius' blush and said, "You ready to go?"

He froze up a little, "Y-Yes, Miss (____). I am...indeed ready to go." Equius stood up, stretching a little before holding out his hand to her. 'Gosh, did he HAVE to be such a gentleman?' the human girl thought as she smiled and reached out to take his grey hand. 'Apparently he did.' Instead of looping her arm with his like they'd done before she just grabbed his hand in her warmer one. He flushed blue but said nothing, just let her hold his hand. Equius looked a bit flustered as (____) pulled him along, making him perspire just a tad. There was still a light blush dusting his face, but he attempted to keep his stern exterior. Holding her hand as gently as he could, he began to walk her out, "Where shall we be arriving at next? Or do you desire for me to escort you home?" (____) pulled her phone out to look at the time and saw it was getting rather late. She sighed and tucked her phone away before looking back up into the troll's deep blue eyes. "I guess you should see me back to my home. It is getting rather late, and I have work tomorrow." She didn't sound happy about their date being over. And Equius took that to be a good thing.

He seemed a bit sullen himself, now that the date was coming to a close, but nodded. "Do you live nearby?" (____) looked up at him and replied, "No, I live on the other end of town. I'll just catch a cab home~" She gave a shy smile. "Oh heavens, no. I shall accompany you to your humble hive- er -home. It is the gentlemanly thing to do." He smiled a little, showing off his slightly cracked teeth as he walked her out of the theater's front doors. Once outside he looked around and, seeing the familiar yellow vehicle, he whistled for the cab. The taillights lit up red, signaling it had stopped. Equius guided his date to the cab before swiftly opening the door and holding it open for her.  

(____) couldn't keep the smile from her face. Equius was such a sweetie~ He was so kind and was apparently very smart to boot. (____) would gush if she weren't right next to him. She got her thoughts together and slid into the backseat of the cab. Barely a second later the blue blood joined her before closing the door. The cabby turned around in his seat and asked for directions. (____) gave him her address then sat back to enjoy the silent car ride with Equius. She laid her head on his muscular shoulder and sighed happily. "I had a lot of fun tonight Equius~"

"As did I, Miss (____)." He smiled a little and let his blue eyes settle on her. And after a few moments of inner debate he lightly rested his head on hers. His slightly damp hand searched for hers but it didn't have to for long before he found it. It's been so long since he'd been this calm within someone else's presence, not counting Nepeta of course. (____)'s smile turned into a grin as she snuggled into the blue blood's side and lightly squeezed his hand to reassure him she was comfortable, even with the sweat. And then they sat like that, completely content. That is until the cab arrived at (____)'s house.

She frowned and reluctantly removed herself from Equius' side and opened her door. She bit her lip and asked, "Do you want to walk me to my door?" Equius nodded, "Of course, what kind of gentletroll would I be to not escort you to the door." He slid over to the door shortly after she exited the cab, halting only for a moment, to both pay the cab driver and request that he wait for the blue blood. (____) and Equius walked up her front steps, and he purred audibly after putting an arm around her form in a gentle embrace. (____) decided not to mention how cute she found his purring.

But then they got up to her front door and suddenly neither could look at the other. (____)'s face was flushed pink and Equius' was flushed blue. Then (____) gulped and said shyly, "W-well, this is me, obviously. I guess I'll go." And Equius cleared his throat and gave a curt nod as he awkwardly put his hands in his pockets and replied, "It...would seem so...goodnight then (____)."

"Goodnight Equius~" He nodded and turned and started making his way down her front steps. But he only made it past one step before (____) said, "Equius wait~~!" He halted in his tracks, turned to look back at (____) with concern, and asked, "Miss (____), is something the matter?" a bit of concern rose in his voice as he wondered what was troubling the lovely woman. (____) and he were about the same height now since she was standing on a higher step, so she leaned forward and pressed her pink lips to his grey ones in a heated kiss. She'd wanted to do this all night long.

Equius tensed up at the abrupt kiss but slowly found himself relaxing. He turned to face her and make an effort to kiss her back just as passionately but not hurt her with his massive STRENGTH. He didn't dare move his hands but instead clenched them behind his back. Equius was a rather experienced kisser if he did say so himself. He's been through more than a few matesprits in the past few years. But maybe this could lead to something nice for once. And not just a troll looking for a, for lack of a better phrase, a rough lay. He'd been with more than a few trolls who were interested in nothing more than finding out just how STRONG he was in the respiteblock.

Their kiss started to get more heated with every second that passed. But eventually they needed air and had to break apart. (____) smiled at Equius and gave a breathless giggle. Their warm breath mixed together as they stared directly into each others eyes. Equius and (____) felt like they were the only two people on Earth in that moment. Nothing else seemed to matter. There was no Nepeta, no parents, no lusus, no family, no friends, no world. They were all there was. They were all that mattered to each other right then. But the loud honking of the taxi's car horn shattered the moment. (____) blinked in shock before she chuckled shyly and licked her lips, "O-oh! better go Equius."

"Ah, y-yes." He chuckled a bit nervously, that pretty dark blue plastered onto his face. He nodded a bit, breaking the somewhat intense silence that had begun to build up, "I suppose I'll see you...tomorrow perhaps? Or... Whenever a time is convenient for the both of us?" He smiled a little, now clearing his throat a little. "I must say, I had a glorious night. I am pleased to have spent it with you." He took ahold of her right hand gently, as if it were made of glass, and brought it to his lips, kissing it with infinite softness. She was worth him having to hold back every ounce of his strength. "Miss (____)."

(____) giggled and tried to rein in her blush and nodded, "I'd like that Equius." But then she got an idea and quickly unzipped her purse and pulled a sharpie out. She took the male troll's hand and wrote her chumhandle on the top of his hand. She stuffed the marker back in her purse while he read the chumhandle but then she leaned forward and whispered hotly in his pointed ear, "Why don't you pester me tomorrow~?" Then she pecked him on the cheek and unlocked her door and absconded inside. And before she closed the door she waved bye and gave him a wink.

Equius just stood there for a moment, a bit flustered about what just happened. He glanced down at his hand, rereading the chumhandle. 'Looks like this is in for a good... start.' he thought with a wide smile. The beeping of the cab behind him shook him out of his thoughts. He cleared his throat and pulled his cracked shades from where they rested, tucked into the collar of his shirt, and swiftly slipped them on as he walked back to the cab. Once inside, he sighed a bit. He told the cab driver his address and then they were on their way to his hive. He smiled as he thought of her. That beautiful human woman. With her shining hair and glittering eyes. And her even more beautiful heart. Yes... Maybe this could work out for once.

Here is a little thing me and my friend :iconaquashadow3: did for fun. We may even make it into a series. :iconshrugplz: We'll see.

Oh and the cover art belongs to :iconippylovesyou:

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